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Current guidance

This applies to the whole of the UK

Things to Remember

Friends & Family

You are now permitted to meet with up to 6 people or 2 households outside. Continue to only socialise indoors with people you live with or those who are in your support bubble.

If you live in a household with anyone aged under 14, you can form a childcare bubble. This allows friends or family from one other household to provide informal childcare.

You must not meet socially with your childcare bubble and must avoid seeing members of your childcare and support bubbles at the same time.

There is separate guidance for support bubbles and childcare bubbles.

Care home residents are allowed one regular visitor provided they are tested and wear PPE.

Shielding can now stop. 

Food & Drink

You can shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person.

You can also still use takeaway, click and collect, drive-through and delivery services. 


You should continue to work from home where you can.

If you cannot work from home you should continue to travel to your workplace. 


All primary, secondary schools and colleges are open. Wraparound childcare and other supervised children’s activities are allowed, where they enable parents to work, seek work, attend education, seek medical care or attend a support group.

Some university students on practical courses can return to face-to-face learning.

Essential Activities

You can leave home to buy things at shops or obtain services. You may also leave your home to do these things on behalf of a disabled or vulnerable person or someone self-isolating.


You can continue existing arrangements for contact between parents and children where they live apart. This includes childcare bubbles.


You should minimise the number of journeys you make where possible. This means you should:

  • avoid making unnecessary trips
  • combine trips where possible

You should continue to minimise travel wherever possible and should not be staying away from home overnight at this stage.


Weddings, funerals and religious, belief-based or commemorative events linked to someone’s death are all subject to limits on the numbers that can attend. Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies must only take place with up to 6 people. Funerals can be attended by a maximum of 30 people and may take place indoors.




You can leave home to attend or visit a place of worship for communal worship, a funeral or event related to a death, a burial ground or a remembrance garden, or to attend a wedding ceremony.

You should follow the guidance on the safe use of places of worship and must not mingle with anyone outside of your household or support bubble when attending a place of worship.

Exercise, sport & physical activity

You can exercise outdoors in a group of 6 or a larger group of any size from up to 2 households (including their support bubbles, if eligible).

You can also take part in formally organised outdoor sports or licensed physical activity with any number of people. This must be organised by a business, charity or public body and the organiser must take the required precautions, including the completion of a risk assessment. You should avoid contact in training and, for some sports, avoid contact in all activities. Read the guidance on what avoiding contact means for your sport.

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